2022 Residency

The program

Our 2021 Residents


The end of residency presentation and party was on July 1st 2021 at Linear House in Greenwich.


June 7th, 11am – Introduction with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

June 7th, 12pm – Louise Harling (Carbon Literacy Project) will share some lessons learnt about training creative people. #professionaldevelopment

June 8th, 11am – Kaye Symington (Kickstarter) will talk about what Kickstarter are doing to help inventors and creatives make more sustainable choices. #crowdfunding

June 8th, 12pm – David Jennings (Green Party spokesperson for East Dulwich) will share some lessons on creativity and activism. #creativity #change

June 9th, 11am – Jeremy Rye returns to talk about land-driven architecture, his approach to landscape design. #landscapedesign

June 9th, 12pm – Simone Ferracina (Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture) returns to talk about some of the topics covered in his book #architecture #repair

June 10th, 12pm Ana Bradley (Sentient Media) returns to talk about what animal rights really mean. #agriculture #ethics


June 13th, 11am – Jon Burke (former councillor for Hackney) will talk about his experience in policy-making and the environment #politics

June 13th, 12pm – Ling Tan will talk about her Climate Exploration Cookbook #art #process

June 14th, 11am – Chris Adams (The Green Web Foundation) returns to talk about greening web development. #software

June 14th, 12pm – Katie Robinson and Hyunsuk Kong from Veolia UK will return to give us a virtual tour of their Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility.

June 15th, 11am – Claire Rowland will share some thoughts on decarbonisation. #energy #households

June 16th, 11am – Ugo Vallauri (Restart Project) returns to share thoughts on the road to ‘right to repair’ policy-making. #rightorepair

June 16th, 12pm – Ross Atkin returns to critique Life Cycle Assessments in design #productdesign

June 17th, 12pm – Keynote: A Q&A with Anab Jain & Jon Arden (Superflux)


A bit of quiet time for residents to work on their response based on the talks they’ve heard.
Deadline for work submission is June 24th 5pm.


Online gallery opens on June 27th. See our 2021 gallery for a preview.

Residents present their work on July 1st at Linear House in Greenwich (and online) between 2- 4pm followed by drinks, nibbles and a showcase of books about climate change. Get your ticket.


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