The Sustainable Technology Movement

The Sustainable Technology Movement

During my time with the Low Carbon Design Institute I have had my mind opened to all the possible avenues that we can tackle climate change from. This can quickly become insurmountable, so I’ve chosen to focus my attention on an issue that is central to my work and in which I believe I can bring about real change.

Electronic products are central to our lives but have a huge material cost and leave a lasting impact on the environment. My residency is the start of a journey to see what can be done to combat this. 

My eventual goal is to build a community around sustainable tools and technologies for electronics, creating a forum for companies that share the same philosophy to work toward the common goal of improving the consumer electronics industry. 

There are many approaches to make consumer electronics sustainable but I believe that we must develop products that are technically indistinguishable but ecologically superior from those using traditional resin circuit boards. 

Following the same principles as the vegan food movement, we can make ‘the Facon of the PCBs’ to raise awareness, acceptance and demand for sustainable alternatives. If we can get these boards into the hands of students as they enter the electronics industry, through platforms such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino, it will bring about lasting change for future generations.

The Sustainable Technology Movement manifesto is a rallying call for this philosophy.

John Nussey

John is a designer, technologist and entrepreneur who has worked across both digital and physical products.A proud advocate and early adopter of the Arduino prototyping platform, in 2013 Nussey wrote the best-selling technical book, Arduino For Dummies and has taught product design, electronics and prototyping at various organisations including the Royal College of Art, Imperial College, Goldsmiths College and the Bartlett School of Architecture.


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