Repairable by design?

In October 2021, we hosted a conversation for The Restart Project introducing concepts of a design curriculum for repair. What does it look like to actually teach repairability for products? We think it should address the following topics:

  • Alternative materials (compostable for eg.)
  • Legible PCBs and components
  • Plastic moulding techniques and the role of glues and screws in reducing access
  • Tamper-proofing vs. packaging design
  • How to deal with ‘legacy hardware’ with open source software
  • Understanding global and local e-waste policies and their impact on waste production
  • Integrating repair partnerships into product costs
  • Other business models to support repair partnerships

If you’d like to explore this further, we’re continuing to host open Zoom conversations quarterly. Next one on January 26th, 12pm (UK time)

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