Cookbook for the end of the world

As part of the Anti-University Festival we organised a 2h virtual workshop on September 8th at 11am-1pm (UK time) on Zoom. We explored food recipes as a way of capturing culture, history and setting instructions for our future.

Use our optional templates and submit your recipe by September 30th 2021 for it to be included in an upcoming print publications of our activities this year.


Yoko Ono’s Painting To Be Stepped On, 1960

Lee Miller’s cookbook
How the famous WWII photographer turned to cooking as a form of therapy to help manage her PTSD.
More details

Sunday’s Kitchen
How this socialite and her husband lived on a converted farmhouse outside of Melbourne, hosted artists, cooked for them and helped grow the modern art scene in Australia.
More details

Synergetic Stew: Explorations in Dymaxion Dining
A cookbook made by Buckminster Fuller’s friends for his birthday.
More details

Colors Magazine

Open here
How you design instructions for engagement with a product, a service, whatever, tends to frame the interaction in specific ways. Instructions are world-building.
More details

A popular meme
Black Panther Free School Meal Program
The origins of TV dinners in America
Brexit related food shortages.
Dig for Victory campaign.

You Don’t Batch Cook When You’re Suicidal
An important article written by Jack Monroe in July 2020.

NYC’s FOOD restaurant (1971-1974)

The Politics of Food
A book documenting the work and reflections of artists. More details.

Understanding the politics of toolkits, where they place their user’s agency and what interactions they control.
More details

What am I supposed to make with this?
The film ‘We Feed the World’ (2005)

Project Drawdown
An exhaustive list of recommended actions to help manage climate change.

.The work of Cooking Sections who convinced Tate Modern not to sell salmon in its café.
Klaus Pitchler’s photography project ‘One Third

The recipes of artist Valentine Schlegel

Climate Exploration Cookbook

Open sauces
A collection of kinds of food projects and ways of communicating such exercises
More details

MoMa’s Artist cookbook

One: Pot, Pan, Planet
A collection of recipes by Anna Jones. More details.

The relationship between diet and crime and a 2016 report on diet in prisons in the UK.
The Empire Remains Shop by Cooking Sections.
Leftover venison.

Workshop reflections.

(Here’s a little write-up of what we discussed on September 8th)

Ideas will come from sustainable sources.

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