Spaces and opportunities for artists, designers and creative people to respond to the emerging conditions and limitations placed on our societies by climate change are limited.

The Low Carbon Institute is an institution in the making. A prototype of a future fully-fledged brick and mortar space where anyone creative can find out more about what climate change means for them. 

A radical learning experience aimed at creative individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are looking to understand more about climate change in order to impact their practice profoundly. 

We organise a yearly residency, organise free events, take part in other people’s events, share resources and a newsletter.


Meet our 2021 residents or apply to our 2022 program.

Our 2021 sponsors


Is the 2022 program virtual too? We will confirm whether this is a virtual or face to face program in March 2022.

What does sponsoring the program mean? This keeps applications and participation free for selected residents and covers a speaker fee for independent experts to share their knowledge. As a sponsor, you access the entire lecture series for a whole year. A great way to provide your teams with inspiration and training. Get in touch with Alex to find out more.

Who started this? This is the brainchild of Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino a London-based author and designer who has worked on issues of climate change for technology companies, energy retailers, banks, social enterprises and more. She wrote a little more about it on her blog.