Bollard seating

Bollard Seating

This project adds additional seating to the public realm, repurposing existing street furniture to divert the functionality towards more socially focused uses. It is intended as a point of departure for discussion about the role of high streets and local communities in working towards net zero emissions, the new social dynamics of the pandemic, as well as child safety, space for play and air quality in our cities. But it is just a seat. 

The ad-hoc nature of the design and implementation forms a limitation around the project but also offers opportunities to be more speculative with future designs, as well as helping to keep initial costs and use of resources low. The behavioural impact of this project will be hard to measure, it’s lifespan uncertain, but we focused on a local street that is well loved and known to us both, where observations and discussions with various local stakeholders will be possible. 

This project has at its core a belief in the importance of the built environment to public health and wellbeing, at a time when there are big changes to societal behaviour, this intervention is an attempt to add to the debate around how we use our cities and how we might make them more equitable, enjoyable, safe, healthy and reduce our carbon use at the same time. 

This project is a collaboration with architect Lara Kinneir FRSA

Joe Pipal

Joe is a designer and furniture maker. He has studied Fine Art, Cabinet Making and Product Design and his interests are a mix of all three. Joe runs his business from his workshop in East London.


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