2021 Virtual Residency

The program mixes different modes of engagement: presentations from experts, group discussions and quiet time to reflect. The program ends with a closing presentation, a digital showcase  of the work produced and a print publication. 

WEEK 1 & 2

Virtual talks by UK experts (unless otherwise mentioned) twice a day followed by an open space for discussion after lunch. 

  • What is a carbon footprint, how can I reduce it and will it make any difference? with Adam Hardy
  • Human behaviour: working with the unobtainium of climate change with Luke Nicholson
  • Radical Co-authorship: Materials for the 21st Century with Simone Ferracina
  • Our Food System: Designing for Life with Ana Bradley
  • To Rewild: Authentic human response or symbolic of an emerging subconscious need for reconnection with Jeremy Rye
  • Innovative rural communities and a sustainable future with Mariana Van Der Walt (New Zealand)
  • Local, inclusive, dynamic, food systems with Anthony Davison
  • What would carbon aware internet look like? with Chris Adams (Germany)
  • Introduction to sustainable finance with Rajesh Dash (Netherlands)
  • What could urban mobility look like in the future? with Rachel Jones
  • How trying to design low-carbon products turned me into a tax fundamentalist with Ross Atkin
  • Making the sharing economy work for the local economy with Rebecca Trevalyan 
  • We need a universal Right to Repair – and we need it now by Ugo Vallauri